Logitech G602 Lag-Free Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech needs no introduction in the world of high-end electronic products. Computer gaming is very popular and gaming gears are becoming popular as well. Gamers often face odd problems while playing on the screen for long hours. Some people complain about the poor design, some complaint about the wrong position of a button that interrupts a gamer while gaming. Logitech introduces a new wireless gaming mouse that aims to fulfill the demand of every gamer with the precision and trust that they dream of. The new wireless mouse comes with programmable thumb buttons and long battery life; moreover, it comes at a decent price. If you are looking for a great gaming mouse for an enhanced gaming experience you can take a look at Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Features and design

Logitech G602The new Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse gets the latest technology along with an ergonomic design comprising a jutting wing to give you ultimate comfort while playing a game for a long time. The mouse also gets six programmable buttons that help the users for keybinds used during MMORPGs or macros during the games.  Six different buttons are positioned in a way that users won’t find any difficulties while playing the game.

There are two standard buttons in front of the mouse, you can spot two additional buttons on left side of the left button that can be used for switching DPI and the buttons can be easily controlled with your index finger.

The advanced gaming mouse also gets a premium matte black finish surrounded by glossy grey trim. The palm rest area is covered with a textured rubber in order to give you comfort while playing. The new Logitech G602 weighs about 3.77 ounces which is very light and easy to move.

New Logitech G602 also comprises the latest wireless technology that helps the gamers to enjoy the gaming experience without any interference and lag. Logitech G602 comes with another surprising feature that allows the mouse to run on just one battery; however, it runs on two batteries as well.

Adjustable DPI

Logitech G602 gets advanced Delta Zero sensor that allows the users to go up to 2500 DPI for a different gaming experience.


Wireless gaming gears are passing underneath a major technological change. Wireless equipment has been reported for different problems related to the latency and interference. Logitech has tried to cure this problem as users haven’t faced such lag or interference till date. Six different buttons are great and placed in a way that will help the gamers. The adjustable DPI is also simple and you can change it anytime. The only problem noticed in this mouse is the battery backup. If you are a professional gamer, it may feel like the batteries are drained quickly, moreover when you are playing with just one battery you may face issues, otherwise, the mouse is highly reliable and gives ultimate comfort while playing a game.


If you are looking for an advanced mouse along with latest features and design, you can have a look at the new Logitech G602.

Source: TheTechInsider.org