Travel ideas: things to do in winter in Austria

Austria is a magical country and, although the temperatures are not the most pleasant, winter is its most impressive season but what to do in winter in Austria? Here are things not to be missed.

  1. Ice skating in front of the Vienna City Hall

Whether you know how to skate or have never skated in your life, the right time to do it is your stay in Austria. When you find yourself in the winter in front of the Vienna Town Hall Square, put on your skates and launch yourself on the 7000 square meters of icy track. It’s a unique route that the city offers from January to March every year. The two main slopes are connected by paths that pass between stalls of traditional flavors and hot drinks, and the trees of the gardens in front of the Town Hall. It’s an apotheosis of lights, colors, and joy that you will hardly forget.

  1. Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

Also in Vienna, another monument worth a visit is the Schönbrunn Palace. What we see today is the ‘Versailles’ reconstruction of the old structure, after the Turks scraped the pre-existing building to the ground, which dates back to the late 1600s. The reconstruction project really wanted to follow the French model, but the money to invest was not enough. However, it is a majestic complex, with 120 hectares of the Schönbrunn park, the Courtyard of Honor, which leads to the Schlosstheater, and 1440 rooms, of which 40 are now open to visitors. One of these is the Hall of Mirrors, where Mozart performed at the age of six years before Empress Maria Teresa. It’s a perfect way to relive the imperial charm of the powerful Habsburg family.

  1. Attend a Mozart and/or Strauss concert at the theater

In fact, it is not possible to conceive imperial Austria without thinking of Mozart. Today there are many theaters in Vienna and around Austria that pay homage to the composer’s pure talent, staging his works throughout the year. Another great event to breathe the lost atmosphere of this magnificent country is the concerts in honor of other great local composers. The Strauss, not to be confused with Richard Strauss, was a family of great musicians, who still today symbolize the location of these lands for high-level opera.

  1. Skiing on the slopes of Tyrol

Far from the pomp of the Habsburg court, you can devote yourself to something more livelily, for example, skiing. The ski areas of the Austrian Tyrol count over 1300 kilometers of slopes, which reach up to 3300 meters in height. In this abundance, there is room for every type of track, from the most inaccessible to those suitable for everyone, with the St. Anton am Arlberg district, which represents excellence throughout the country.

  1. Go to skating school on Lake Weissensee

A major tourist attraction in the Carinthian region is a lake that, in winter, turns into a vast expanse of ice. From about the end of November, Lake Weissensee begins to freeze, and with the onset of winter, a 40 cm thick layer is created. The lake thus becomes an ice rink of 6 square kilometers and a half surface, with 25 kilometers of slopes for different activities, from ice skating to ice hockey.

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